Know Thy Enemy- 




Birdman - 100 Million ft. Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne 


Lyfe Jennings-Cops Up 


Zahir Ashe-Beware  



Engaging is a romantic drama set in Miami. Daniel Dalrio (Chiko Mendez) is a "Don Juan" best selling Cuban author who engages women for 713 days and writes best selling books on his experiences. His world comes to a dramatic surprise when he meets Aja Alexander (Angelique Monét) a simple yet striking woman from California.

The two begin an erotic twenty four hour evening of salsa, romance, and fun.

STARRING: Angelique Monét, Chiko Mendez, Tito Puente Jr., Steven Bauer, Jayquan, Guy Richards, Angel Salazar, Shiek Mahmud-Bey and Joe Manuella.

SUPPORTING: Alexandra Adomaitis, Acie Mitchell, Hal Kreitman, Lauren Logiudice, Noel Torres, Yelena Sobolevska, Jerry Russo, Al Burgo and Sal Richards

MUSIC: Chiko Mendez, Angelique Monét, Tito Puente Jr., Jayquan, Willie Panama, Giorgio Alicea & Phoenix Rivera.

Know thy Enemy

Nemesis is the hottest rapper in rap’s hottest city; Miami, the 305. But he has a little secret…he’s not really a rapper. As a boy the artistic Nate Harris drew cartoons and dreamed of changing the world. A record label discovers Nate’s talent, and offers to make him a star, as a rapper. They create Nemesis, a Hip Hop gangster designed to sell records and spit hate.

Fame quickly follows, but at a price. The fans demand true street cred, and to get it, Nate’s label turns a fellow rapper and former childhood friend against Nate, spawning a rap feud. The feud quickly escalates into a war, and Nate is trapped in the reality of the fiction he has created.

Nate is faced with a choice: Either become a superstar by giving Hip-Hop what it wants; a war between two rap rivals, or, give it what it needs; destroy his real rival, the fictional character and become a true hero; he has the ability to save hip hop…but can he save himself?

Lyfe Jennings - Cops Up

Birdman - 100 Million ft. Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne

Zahir Ashe' - BEWARE