Welcome to Dalrio Ent Consulting

Dalrio Ent Consulting strives on individuals who would love to pursue a career in the entertainment field but do not know how. These people want to be stars on the big stage but we must understand at the end of the day this is the entertainment business. We can show you how to pursue your dreams and organize your company to be financial set in this billion dollar industry. If you want to be an artist on the stage, a person behind the stage, or a professional off the stage there is a place for many individuals in this vast growing business. The beauty of this field is that not everyone is required to have a talent in order to be financial set in this field and we can show you how.

About Us

Dalrio Ent Consulting takes and creates any brand from the ground up and builds it to what you put into it. In other words, we give you the right education, create a great game plan for success, and assist in the execution of your dream. It is then up to you how much you strive for success and how much you invest in your brand. We can also assist you with creating business plans and power points to show potential investors to invest in your brand. 

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